It’s a sad fact that most of the world is run by rich white men. As a woman and entrepreneur (in technology, no less!), I have been challenged by this reality every step of my professional journey. I could share statistic after statistic about the gaps that exist when it…

The challenges of 2020 continue, and many lines are blurred. Are we working from home, or living at work? What can we do to hold on to whatever marbles we have left? I decided to have a serious conversation about sanity with my friend, Dr. Maria Bruce.

Maria is a…

Building a professional network is no small task. And I’m not talking about jumping on LinkedIn and blindly requesting connections to improve your profile appearance. That’s casting a wide net without focus or intention. I’m talking about building meaningful connections with mutual benefits.

Famous American writer Robert Ingersoll once said…

Anna Degtereva

CEO & Founder at LinkUpConferenceShow

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